Lachuá, Guatemala 72% Dark Bar


Tasting notes: Deep and fruity, notes of dried fruits, caramel and a hint of liquorice

The beans: Grown around the Laguna Lachuá in the Alta Verapaz Department of Guatemala by the Q’eqchi’ Maya families who live mainly off grid growing various crops. The beans are a blend of trinitario, Upper Amazon Forastero and Amelonado varietals with an amazing fruity flavour

Ingredients: cacao beans, light muscovado sugar, cocoa butter
Minimum cocoa solids 72%
Nutritional Information Per 70g Bar:
Energy 1703kJ/405kcal – Fat 29.7g – Carbohydrates 21.3g – Sugars 18.9g – Fibre 8.4g – Protein 5.4g – Salt 0.01g

Minimum shelf life 12 months. Please store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight