Gaura Estate, West Sumba 75% Dark Bar

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Tasting notes: rich and fruity, reminds us of candied apples with a spiced finish

The beans: a blend of criollo and trinitario varietals grown on the Gaura Estate on the island of West Sumba, Indonesia. These beans are sun dried unlike many grown in Indonesia which are traditionally dried over fires, this means they do not have the smokiness sometimes associated with other beans from this region

Ingredients: cocoa beans, light muscovado sugar, cocoa butter
Minimum cocoa solids 75%
Nutritional Information Per 70g Bar:
Energy 1703kJ/417kcal – Fat 31.9g – Carbohydrates 20g – Sugars 17.7g – Fibre 8.4g – Protein 5g – Salt 0.01g
Minimum shelf life 12 months. Please store in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight